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Just By Chance

Duo 45 Min Show

This is a show created and directed by ourselves; Jenna Knight & Francisco Arango.

We have put together a 45 min show that takes you through a journey of love, but its not just any love story - its our very own TRUE LOVE STORY!

Our show is very close to our hearts, narrating our very own story; 2 people from very different parts of the world, different cultures and languages happen to meet and fall in love.  Our show goes on to tell the story of being separated and our commitment to being reunited again. 

We are available for bookings, contracts and online events.

Duo 45 min SHOW: Video

INTRO - Quick  Change

Our show opens with a fun, up-beat quick change number.

The Quick Change act represents two  tourists falling in love (just like you see in the movies).

Unfortunately they get interrupted just as they are about to kiss.....

The Encounter - Audition

Destiny works its magic and brings us together in an audition room in Paris.  We both showcase our talent catching each others eyes and lighting up the spark that starts our journey.


The Encounter - Adagio

A typical romantic scene is set in a park in Paris.  

The couple get to know each other through the motion of movement, feeling each others energy and establishing a connection.  The time passes and before they know it the day has passed to night.

Duo 45 min SHOW: Arts Education

The Encounter - Duo Silk Loops

A romantic Duo Silks act sets the scene for the couple to fall in love... only to be pulled away from each other to return to there home countries.


The Separation - Aerial Hoop

Unfortunately the artists have to return to their home destinations; Jenna to the UK and Francisco to Colombia.
The couple are separated for 1 year and Jenna's solo hoop act represents the frustration and upset she is going through.

Duo 45 min SHOW: Arts Education

The Separation - Diabolo

Francisco takes the stage with his solo Diabolo act realising that he needs to be re-united with Jenna.
At the end of his act he grabs his bag and makes his way...


The Re-Encounter - Duo Straps

Finally the couple have been re-united and finish the show with an uplifting, inspiring aerial duo straps act.

With an unexpected ending, Jenna reveals the final quick change costume as she spins into the finale.

The End

If you would be interested in booking us for contracts, events or online shows please click below,

Duo 45 min SHOW: Arts Education
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