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Schedule 2023

We are pleased to announce the following contracts for 2023.

We currently still have some dates available for short contracts & gigs throughout the beginning of June as well as first few weeks of Oct. Nov & Dec.

Scarlet Entertainment


Scarlett Entertainment

Dubai Residency;
16th March - 8th May

Cromer Pier
Variety Show


Cromer Pier Show


19th June - 1st July


1st July - 30th September

Cunard Cruises 


'Just By Chance'

Queen Victoria; 31st May - 3rd June

Queen Elizabeth; 23rd Oct - 30th Oct

Queen Mary; 22nd Dec - 27th Dec

Our Schedule 2023: Projects


Private classes are available online or in person at Irby Dance Studio.

Private Classes currently include;

Aerial Straps

Fitness & Conditioning

Flexibility & Dance

Group classes are also possible to be arranged at Irby Dance Studio.

Our Schedule 2023: HTML Embed

Quarantine life

Our journey during quarantine in Colombia

So, as we all went into lock down due to a worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 the performing arts industry (like many others) completely came to a stand still.
We got contracted to work in China from November 2019, however unfortunately this didn't go ahead due to the pandemic, and therefore we have both been in Colombia Since February 2020.
Our Lock-down began on 17th March, when everything began to shut down, including all airports here in Colombia.
As part of our general training we do HIIT workouts 3x a week, so we thought why not share this with the public and help people stay motivated and fit during lock down from the comfort of there own home.
We then began to offer other online classes via zoom, which have been very successful.  
We are currently providing a variety of online classes, workshops, fitness sessions & private classes for teams, dance schools and fit clubs in the UK. 
Watch our video below to check out our journey!

Our Schedule 2023: About
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